How can Therapy Help You?

man-smiling-in-black-shirt-400 Therapy can help you to:

  • Identify and change dysfunctional thought processes
  • Improve your self-awareness and body-awareness
  • Improve your awareness, communication & understanding of others’ intentions & behaviours
  • Increase your assertiveness skills and improve your self-esteem
  • Help you to create and maintain personal boundaries
  • Help you to identify and change old patterns of behaviour
  • Create new meaning and open up possibilities in your life
  • Improve your mood and reduce stress
  • Assist you in recovering from life-long problems
  • Improve your ability to manage your emotions




We treat Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), Eating Disorders, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder and:


  •     Depression
  •     Anxiety
  •     Relationship Problems
  •     Couples Therapy
  •     Co-Dependency
  •     Emotion Management
  •     Phobias
  •     Workplace Stress
  •     Bullying
  •     Gay and Lesbian Mental Health
  •     PTSD
  •     Grief
  •     Self Harm & Suicidal Thoughts
  •     Body Dysmorphia
  •     Bipolar Affective Disorder
  •     Adolescent Mental Health (age 13 and up)
  •     Psychological / Personality Assessment

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